Available Games

We have games available for you to have fun every day, IncasNFT will continue to expand its product catalog.

Inti Spin

Inti Spin is the first product after NFTs.

This game is exclusive for holders of our NFTs where they can spin the wheel at least once a day for life! Do not miss the opportunity to play Inti Spin daily and win USDT.

Click to play today!

Galaxy Lotto

Win with or without luck! Play the lottery daily for a whole year and not only win by your luck but by the luck of others.
Galaxy lotto is the second product of Incas NFT and promises to be the largest blockchain lottery in the world. Click it and start playing today!

CASINO - Coming Soon

The holders of our NFTs will be able to access royalties from our blockchain casinos on a monthly basis for life. Did you know that the casino industry generates more than 90 billion dollars? Wouldn’t you like to own one? Here you can have that opportunity. Coming Soon!